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Our Story

When Fareez, the founder, was working on previous projects, he had separate teams located in different countries. However, synchronizing with teams in other regions becomes a challenge for him due to differing time zones, resulting in a poor sleeping pattern for Fareez. It got much worse when Fareez, working as a commercial pilot, had to stick around with the computer when clients or teams requested virtual meetings. As a consequence, many opportunities were lost, tasks were not done, and decision-making was often delayed due to a lack of energy to join the meetings.

However, there remains a need for real face-to-face interactions. Unfortunately, there is currently no solution available that enables teams to stay synchronized while attending meetings from the comfort of their homes and at their own convenience. That 1-hour meeting could be cut down to 15–20 minutes, getting to the main points while skipping unnecessary back-and-forth scheduling and Zoom calls and waiting for no-show participants.

Meanwhile, Eliza, our co-founder and specialist event coordinator, longed for a video communication platform that truly captured the personal touch and seamless experience she desired, without demanding excessive screen time.

Fuelled by their passion for deep connections and the potential of technology, Fareez, Eliza and Suresh embarked on an extraordinary mission—to create Ulalive, a virtual meeting alternative that redefines collaboration.

The name Ulalive comes from the vibrant expression "ulala", which embodies surprise and excitement!

We invite you to join us on this journey that redefines meetings, supercharges productivity, and welcomes a new era of efficient virtual collaboration. Discover a work-life balance like never before with Ulalive!

Our Journey


Ideation, incorporation, and raised $300k for Pre-seed

The first MVP was launched and focused on livestreaming


Acquired more than
10,000 users

Refining ideas and iterating products


Pivoted into SaaS and business model to B2B

Relaunch MVP             


Cradle Top 5 Pre-accelerator winner
& Sunway iLabs Top 10


Our Commitments

Providing a Safe and Trusted Place for Video Communication

Empowering People for Remote Collaboration and Creativity

Cultivating a Culture of Self-Care and

Meet the founding team

Afham Fareez

Founder & CEO

Eliza Leytgold

Co-founder & CMO

Suresh May

Co-founder & CTO

Our Values


We put our customers above everything else. We won’t settle for delivering anything less than an experience our customers absolutely love.


We put in dedication to support new, inventive, and disruptive ideas. Our company must continue to be original, creative, progressive and provide the greatest products possible.


We will ensure that we are honest with our employees, investors, and customers about how we conduct business, including keeping the promises we made to our stakeholders and customers.


We will make sure that we only act in a way that is beneficial to our clients, investors, products, business and employees.


We value diversity and the various perspectives of our co-workers, and we aim to foster an atmosphere where anyone can pose inquiries, make suggestions, and offer constructive criticism.

Ulalive is backed by

Awards and recognitions


2023, MYStartup Hackathon
Digital Nasional Berhad


2023, Cradle
MYStartup Winner

Sunway iLabs

2023, Sunway iLabs
LaunchX Top 10

Want to be part of something amazing? Join Ulalive, shape the future with us and create history one code at a time. Let's make a difference together!

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