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How it works

Get your messages seen, heard, and answered in a few simple steps.

1. Drag & Drop built-in elements

A wide variety of drag-and-drop call-to-action elements is available to you, so you can get the response you want from your audience

2. Customize it the way you want

Select the element you want, drag it to your design, and you're ready to go. With just a few clicks, you can easily incorporate powerful call-to-action elements into your video, making it easier than ever to engage with your customers or team members

3. Share & start interacting

Share the video link with a call to action and start interacting with your audience! Get instant feedback from your customers or team members quickly


Witness a highly engaging leads
aggregator without coding

Create the perfect CTA to your video in no time

Spend less time creating the perfect Call to Action for your video. With Ulalive's easy drag and drop feature, you can quickly customise a CTA that speaks to your customers and get instant response. Save time, energy and resources with Ulalive

Make your video come to life & accelerate your video marketing campaigns

Bring your existing Youtube and TikTok video to the next level with Ulalive. Turn those videos into e-commerce or get instant response for each video and drive conversions like never before.

Improve team collaboration with video feedback

Get the most out of your video content by empowering your team to collaborate and share their insights. With Ulalive's customisable Call-to-action, you can get instant feedback on your videos and generate leads quickly and easily.

Get instant response for your
video with Ulalive

Unlock the potential of your videos and make a lasting impression on your customers

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For anyone wanting to capture leads and build sales pipeline with low usage

This includes :

3 videos with personalised CTA

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For individuals, solopreneurs, sales or marketing team who wants unlimited access of the tools

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What our clients say

People who are satisfied using Ulalive

"It saves me a significant amount of time in meetings." 

Madiha Fuad

Founder & CEO, Plusvibes

"I simply turn my Youtube and TikTok contents into leads aggregator without much hassle." 

Hazman Hassan

Founder & CEO, Kitamen

"We used video frequently to attract customers. It is now much easier to track response."

Farah Yusoff

Founder & CEO, Babypian

"Easy tool to use for early stage companies like mine to start getting early customer feedback."

Ericson Tham

Founder & CEO, Crowdshop

"Ulalive is useful to people who lack marketing experience and are afraid of selling"

Lisa Francis

Cofounder & CEO, Certiify

Ulalive enables people like you to grow your business with minimal effort by streamlining your workload on acquiring leads and receiving responses


Questions we are frequently asked

What is Ulalive?

Ulalive is a no-code B2B SaaS tool for gaining leads, prospecting, and acquiring customers through video. Using video, we assist businesses in reducing their workload and streamlining their marketing and sales processes.

Do you offer discounts?

If you are a startup like us, we have discounts for you, and if you are looking for a partnership, please contact our sales team

Is my account really free?

It is. No catch. You have access to all of Ulalive’s free features in the starter plan. To learn more about the plans, go to the pricing page

Who is Ulalive for?

Ulalive is ideal for individuals, small business owners, solopreneurs, and sales and marketing teams who want to get their message out there and start building a pipeline. If you often use video as part of your business but don't get much response, Ulalive is the perfect solution for you!

Does Ulalive have a mobile app?

No, it is only available as a web version at the moment

What do i need to do to start Ulalive

Begin by signing up for Ulalive. Then, create your profile, drag and drop built-in elements, and start acquiring leads for your business. It's as simple as that.